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We Are A Trusted Logistic & Transport Uniform Supplier In UAE Renowned For Our Dedication To Perfection And Customization Under Deadlines.

Hustle Better In Logistic & Transport Uniforms!

The Logistics and Transport industry is a challenging and tough work environment. Hence it is essential that the work wear remains comfortable and safe. From safety uniforms like hard hats, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) to custom cover alls and cargo pants, we have got you covered at Apparel Point.

We are a leading logistic & transport uniforms manufacturer in Dubai, we focus on providing uniforms that meet the global safety standard requirements. These include light and heavy work wear which are durable and easily customizable with your logo and colors.

All of the following types of uniforms in logistics and transport can be designed and manufactured by us.

Delivery boy uniforms
Shipping steward’s crew uniforms
Airport and Airline uniforms
Warehouse and distribution workers uniforms
Taxi, limousine and valet driver uniform
Food delivery uniforms

Customizations To Choose From

Select the color and pattern combination which best reflects your corporate and/or brand identity.

Choose the type of fit you are looking for. A comfort fit is preferred for warehouse and distribution staff, however a more fitted executive shirt is the way to go for logistical managers and executives.

Choose the fabric which is best suited to your work environment. For delivery staff, often working in the outdoor, a sweat absorbing anti wicking dri-fit fabric polo t-shirt works best, while in door logistical support staff can stick to cotton/polyester blend shirts.

Our goal is to provide uniforms which highlight the hard work and commitment your team members put in. We guide premium five-star Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in the UAE to choose the right fabrics and designs for their hospitality uniforms.

Why Choose Al Maarif?

Logistics and transport uniforms can be complex as there are many categories of employees, each requiring different types of uniforms. Uniforms for this industry have to be durable, presentable and comfortable. Al Maarif has vast cross industry experience and full understands the challenges involved. We will work with your team to ensure all your uniform category requirements are efficiently full filled. Furthermore, all our uniforms are backed by a 100% service and replacement guarantee. We are the first and only uniforms company in the GCC to offer this.

Being dressed in your code of uniform expresses your professionalism, discipline and distinction.  At Almaarif Uniforms, we ensure your professional preparedness by providing customized uniforms, enabling you to present yourself distinctively.

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