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We Are Trusted School Uniforms Suppliers In UAE Renowned For Our Dedication To Perfection And Customization Under Deadlines.

School Uniforms With Logo - Shirts, Trousers, Pants, Skirts, P.E Physical Education Kids

Being one of the trusted School Uniforms Manufacturers in Dubai, UAE, Apparel point is here to partner with you for a full service school uniforms package. We have a history of working with top tier schools to deliver quality apparel, after delivery service and uniforms accessories suited to children of varying ages. From School bags, backpacks with logo, white cotton shirts with logo , or elastic waist trousers for all sizes and/or childrens belts, caps, swimwear, we are here to guide you in developing your schools uniform portfolio at a reasonable and efficient price.

Al Maarif is the foremost School uniform supplier, dealing with school uniform tailoring to meet the unique needs of our customers. Get your hands on high-quality & stylish design school uniforms made with premium branded fabrics.

The Leading Food And Beverage Uniform Supplier!

We provide food & Beverage uniforms in Dubai, UAE like chef coats, aprons, chef caps, chef pants, chef shoes, chef hats, other kitchen accessories, etc.

Apart from providing the mentioned uniforms and accessories, we focus on delivering the style combined with few fashionable trends like an adjustable sleeve and slanting buttons in the coats.

Other than this, we aim to deliver comfort and breathability, which is the utmost requirement in hospitality uniforms – being ever-ready for the hustle and call.

Why Apparel Point As A School Uniforms Manufacturers:

As a leading brand, we ensure that we strive to provide the best and the most comfortable School uniforms, which make us the leading school uniform manufacturers in Dubai, UAE.

We proudly own the reliability and trust of thousands of parents and guardians who choose us over and over again for years for the finest experience for their children.

Al Maarif contests the product as one of the best in the market. We contend this as the results have been immaculate and pristine as per the consumers of our product. We are leading school uniforms Suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

Being dressed in your code of uniform expresses your professionalism, discipline and distinction.  At Almaarif Uniforms, we ensure your professional preparedness by providing customized uniforms, enabling you to present yourself distinctively.

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