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What is the goal of having a corporate gifts plan? A small token of appreciation goes a long way in retaining your existing clients and building a professional image in front of your suppliers and stakeholders. Even a small gift with your logo on it will go a long way in building brand awareness with your target audience. A B2B client purchasing team will remember your company’s small gestures of appreciation and keep you alive for their next big project or RFQ. Further, a gift being used by one individual, can act as an automatic referral when the logo is seen by other potential clients. 

Corporate Gifts go a long way in building a company culture and team environment. Over time, employees will proudly associate your company logo with a high quality gift they receive at an annual corporate function. Corporate Gift for your employees and other stakeholders shows your gratitude and appreciation towards them. 
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Product range: Diaries, Pens, USB Keys, Power banks, Desk Organizers, gift boxes, etc.

Confused about what’s an appropriate gift for your business type?

You are not the first one facing this problem. At Al Maarif, our team has extensive experience in designing and conceptualizing an annual corporate gift plan. We know first hand that a “one size fits all” approach does not work. A car mobile charger is a great idea for an on the road sales team but not so much for your machine operators. A coffee mug with your logo is as easy client give away, but it’s been overdone. A calendar diary for the current year with your logo is considered evergreen, but are wasted if not fully distributed early on in the year.

Each category of gifts, have their pros and cons, and need to be thought about before moving on to order placement. Our team will share their experience and knowledge with you to ensure your corporate give away plan, achieves their intended goals. Get in touch with one of the leading corporate gifting companies in Dubai today to brain storm and come up with something exciting and innovative for your company!

How To Decide On The Right Corporate Gift In 3 Steps?



Think of the purpose of the gift: Are you extolling a milestone, a personal achievement, or a casual thanks-giving?


Do you plan on personally giving these gifts or sending them in the mail or courier? Plan for additional expenses for transporting oversized or heavy gifts.


Do you plan to give separate types of gifts for different clients, suppliers, employees, etc . Do you plan on embossing or printing your logo on the gifts? 

Always make sure to check if your logo looks and feels right on intended gift, before placing a big order. A logo which looks out of place or starts smudging can be embarrassing and have a negative impact on your image.

Which Exciting Corporate Gifts Al Maarif Has For You!

Al Maarif has been recognized as Corporate and promotional gifts suppliers in Dubai for its dedication to perfection and commitment to innovation with years of expertise.

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