Hospitality Uniforms In UAE

Get in touch with us today, and our design team will work with you to come up with uniforms which stand out from the crowd.

Uniforms Must Clearly Communicate The Team Members Role And Responsibility To The Client.

An important part of the uniforms in hospitality is to efficiently convey the role of the respective team member. For instance, a hostess wearing a t-shirt or a waiter wearing something which looks like a chef jacket, can be very confusing for customers and rather embarrassing for the establishment’s image.

An F&B uniform must showcase the respective service members role and responsibility towards customers. We stock high quality fabrics specially suited to the hospitality industry , additionally we have a large palette of exciting designs to choose from for customizing as per your brand and/or identity. Each pattern has been carefully made to ensure a distinction between various members of a hospitality team.

Our Collection Includes All Of The Following Types Of Uniforms For Hotels & Resorts:

Uniforms Reflect On The Quality Of Service & Products Being Offered

A shabby looking Chef Uniform, reflects poorly on the quality of the food being prepared. A waiter with mismatched aprons reflects poorly on the service being offered.

All the handwork you put in your restaurant or hotel goes for a toss, if it is wrapped in shabby uniforms. We are your reliable partners for designing and producing a wide variety of Aprons (leather, denim , canvas, you name it , we have it ), Chef Jackets, Chef Trousers, Hats and accessories.

Our goal is to provide uniforms which highlight the hard work and commitment your team members put in. We guide premium five-star Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants in the UAE to choose the right fabrics and designs for their hospitality uniforms.

Want To Get Creative?

Get in touch with us today, and our design team will work with you to come up with uniforms which stand out from the crowd. In a competitive environment , your creativity and our experience can work hand in hand to best showcase your hospitality identity.

Being dressed in your code of uniform expresses your professionalism, discipline and distinction.  At Almaarif Uniforms, we ensure your professional preparedness by providing customized uniforms, enabling you to present yourself distinctively.

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